Sunday, March 21, 2010

Creating The Perfect Chum

On of the most important aspects of great mako shark fishing is setting out a good chum slick. In my opinion the more chum that you use the better. There are all different kinds of chum. Every fisherman it seems has their own version, but I am only going to talk about the two that I mainly use.

The first type that I use is bunker chum. Bunker chum is ground up bunker that is then frozen into a large block. I usually use a cardboard milk carton for this. Bunker chum is really oily and produces a very nice chum slick on the top of the water. You can actually see the slick flatter than the surrounding water.

The second type of chum that I like to use is mackerel chum. It is basically the same as the bunker chum only it is ground up and then frozen mackerel instead. Both of these types of chum seem to work really well for attracting Mako sharks.

Record Male Mako Shark

Here at Mako Shark Fishing we are all about catching the largest Mako shark that comes our way in the hopes of setting a state or world record. It is every fishermans dream to have that one fish that puts their name in the record books. Well I bet people that caught this shark did not even have a clue as to what they had hooked at first.

You see it is not unusual for a Mako shark to reach weights in excess of one thousand pounds, but those sharks are always females. This Mako just so happens to be a male, and although it is several hundred pounds shy of that one thousand pound mark it is still a record setter. Weighing in at 624 pounds this is the largest male Mako shark ever caught.

Maryland State Mako Shark Fishing Record

Check this monster Mako Shark out! It is not every day that you see one like this. This massive Mako was caught during the Ocean City Shark Fishing Tournament in June of 2009. It weighed in at a whopping 876 pounds and broke the Maryland State Mako Shark fishing record.

This is one of the Mako's that I think every angler who enters a shark fishing tournament dreams of catching. Check out how massive looking this shark is when they pull it off of the boat and into the water. Well the bar it looks like is set pretty high in Maryland for this years Ocean City Shark Fishing Tournament.

IGFA World Record Mako Shark Fishing

So you want to try and break the current IGFA Mako Shark World Record? Well that is one heck of a record to try and break. The current IGFA World Record Mako Shark is a massive 1,221 pounds.

This incredible Mako Shark was caught by angler Luke Sweeney while on Captain Chris Peters boat, and with the help of crewman Dave Gaffey and Doug Abdelnour. Angler Luke Sweeney battled this monster shark for over three hours before finally getting it in the boat. This record breaking shark was caught during the July 21, 2001 Oak Bluffs Monster Shark Fishing Tournament off of Chatham, Mass

Thinking About Going Shark Fishing Soon?

Are you thinking about going shark fishing soon? If so, let me recommend that you try Mako shark fishing. Mako shark are one of the wildest and most exciting sharks to fish for. These crazy fish just go wild when you hook them, and are well known for their fantastic aerial acrobatics.

These sharks are so unpredictable and on many occasion have been known to jump right into the boat injuring either the angler or a member of the crew. They have also been on occasion known to turn and attack the boat while they are being reeled in. If you want a shark that is non stop action and will fight till the very end then I highly recommend that the next time you go shark fishing that you try the Mako Shark!